Creative Chaos

Jan 10

Character Profile #2

Anthony Michael Shepherd

            Anthony Michael Shepherd is the sixteen-year-old brother of a mentally handicapped older sister. Anthony was born into a family that was already used to dealing with the issues of a special needs person. Tony loved his sister, Andrea. He took care  of her and helped her whenever he could. Tony loved to take her outside and spend time with her. Tony’s parents love that their son likes taking care of his sister; they raised him to be helpful and to do good things for people like that. Tony goes to school as a high school sophomore. He has a lot of friends that know about his sister and love that he takes such good care of her. Tony knows he wants to work with special needs kids when he gets older so he works with them at school during his free period and lunch. His love and determination show everyone that he is a great person and makes everyone love him even more.

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